May 21, 2020

Newborn photo shoot FAQ

newborn baby photo session Scarborough North Yorkshire

Here are the most frequently asked questions about baby session’s safety and organization. Please notice, the answers apply only to ArtChilli Photography studio in Scarborough. Other photography studios may implement their own rules.

1. Is the newborn photography safe for my baby?

By giving away your greatest treasure during a newborn session, you can be sure it goes to the trained and experienced hands. Special trainings, courses as well as experience with many babies of the clients and my two wonderful daughters gave me self-confidence in providing high-quality service and baby’s safety, which is absolute priority in my studio. That’s why I care about ensuring right conditions during our meeting:

  • safe and stable accessories, designed for newborn photography
  • clean outfits and accessories
  • disinfected surfaces in the studio
  • appropriate ambient temperature
  • posing suitable for baby’s physique
  • protective posing
  • parents’ closeness
  • breaks for feeding and cuddles

The studio is being cleaned after every session and sterilized with UV lamp. All accessories and outfits are being cleaned and steam disinfected.

2. When to perform a new baby photo session?

The best time to meet a newborn photographer are the first days of a baby’s life. Typically sessions being done between 6th and 21st day of life are best for the baby’s comfort and for the efficient course of the session. During first weeks children are calm, sleepy and enjoy being posed like in mommy’s belly. After those first 3 weeks we can still take beautiful, cute shots, but the older a child is, the more difficult posing is. It’s  just because babies become more sensitive to touch and like stretching rather than rolling into a ball.

3. When to book a newborn photo shoot?

An appointment for a newborn session should be booked during pregnancy (after second ultrasound). At the reservation stage, we set an initial date (about 8 – 12 days after planned delivery date).  This date should be confirmed after the child’s birth. I am always prepared to move the date a bit, due to delay of delivery or healthy reasons. Scheduling a session is not only booking a date. After making reservation, I contact You to discuss details: your expectations for the baby’s posing, accessories, family attending. Every session has a bit different style as every client’s needs are different.

4. What to bring for a baby photo session?

Accessories and outfits for the baby are provided according to the session style. Only personal utensils are required to bring and possibly toys, family souvenirs which you would like to be composed to the baby’s images. Full list of useful stuff you will find in previous post HERE.

5. Who can participate in a newborn session?

Each newborn session consists two parts – pictures of the baby himself and the second part are family photos (typically parents and siblings). Very important is to provide as much comfortable conditions for the baby as possible. It’s essential to stay a few people in the studio during first part of the session and to ensure peace and quiet atmosphere for the baby. That’s why I invite participants other than parents only for the last half an hour of the session. If you wish grandparents or beloved auntie to take a part in the session, it’s possible. Just let me know and we will plan it in the best way to get all your dream shots.

6. Where the newborn session take place?

Because weather conditions in the UK don’t allow to assure appropriate temperature for little ones’ comfort, we do newborn photo shoots only in my studio, based in Scarborough. It’s also possible to capture first days of your baby at your home, in more natural style. To learn more about my lifestyle photography offer on the page at this link.

7. When a newborn photo shoot should be postponed?

There are only several circumstances prevent to do a newborn photo shoot on the date:

  • bad health conditions of the baby, parents or siblings (please be aware of coming with cold, it’s always risk of infection)
  • prematurity – we set a session when baby gains strength (and weight around 3 kg)
  • complications in childbirth (if you have to stay in hospital for longer)
  • radiation in the case of jaundice 
  • poor new mum’s condition after labour

8. What is not a disadvantage to a newborn session?

There are also some situations when new parents are not sure if and how may or may not affect a session:

  • baby colic – if you breastfeed, just please avoid gassy ingredients (you can ask your pediatrician for a detailed list), especially before the session’s date
  • baby acne, dry skin, yellow skin, hematomas, discoloration etc. – all skin problems will be retouched (please contact me only if baby’s acne is extremely intense)
  • jaundice without radiation 

9. What if my baby will cry or doesn’t settle?

Babies cry to communicate their needs. I provide best possible conditions for a baby in the studio, but it’s natural and even essential that the baby sometimes will “tell” us that he is hungry, diaper needs changing or he just want cuddles. That’s why I have at least 3 hours reserved for you to let the baby to lead the session and meet its needs.

10. What if I don’t like some poses?

I understand that not every pose and setup will appeal to everyone. That’s why we discuss the session style just after booking. In my questionnaire I will ask you to choose and list your preferences in posing, colours and other needs. It’s very important to me to provide images that will enjoy you for many years.

Thank You for reading! Please feel free to ask me questions if something is still unclear.

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