November 29, 2019

Photography Session With A Child – How To Be Prepared

You are planning a photo session of your children, family portrait or a seasonal photo shoot. You wish to commemorate your moments together, special time in your lives, sweet smiles and your love. There are a few tips to consider before coming to a photography studio to ensure a good well-being, calmness and great memories for you and your child.

Arrive healthy and with a healthy child

Imagine that you feel sick and weakened – would you feel like taking pictures in this fettle? I’m sure you would dream only about a cup of tea and a warm blanket. Your having a cold child feels alike, he’s comfortlessly and doesn’t react on parent’s and photographer’s amusement. The session becomes hard and stressful for  both sides and an effect might be not satisfactory.

When your child is sick or you are not able to come – change the session’s date. Trust me, it will be better for everyone than a visit of sick family and you would give yourself a better chance to get wonderful images and good memories.

If your baby is teething

Some of children endure teething very badly – they are irritable, grumpy and it’s hard to make them smile. If you feel this period lasts for your child, try to change a session date or apply gum relief measures.

Come rested and satiating

The issue of rest and hunger satisfying is important not only for children but also for adults. Every person thinking only about a dinner looks stressful at pictures. When your baby has naps, the best time for photo shoot will be just after a nap and a dinner. A rested toddler willingly participates in a fun, smiles and is amused.

Prepare a comfortable outfit

If you prepare your own stylization for the session, make sure that your child feels comfortable wearing it. If a beautiful hairclip bought especially for this occasion pinches, it would be also distracting for the baby during the session. Believe me, a yojful smile of your child will look much better than even the most beautiful decoration.

Talk to your child

Tell your child where are you going and what is going to be done. Pass a massage from me, that I will do my best to assure a great fun! If your child is older, tell what behavior are you expecting. Kids are more calm and need less time to tame when they know what awaits them.

What to take?

On the day before a session pack ironed clothes, favourite toys, a cuddly, a drink, snacks and hygienic articles (diapers, wipes, etc.). Don’t leave it at the last minute. Kids can perfectly detect the atmosphere of tension and rush. Try to make this day filled of positive emotions.

Let your child to make natural smile

Dear parents, the best way to make natural smile is to amuse a child 🙂 and to get natural face is a moment of calmness. It’s apparently obvious, but comments like “show your best smile” or “don’t frown” are not helpful. But clowning and tomfoolery are absolutely permitted in a photography studio. Nobody knows better than you what seems to be funny for your kid. Just make sure that when you are making faces to your child you are standing directly behind the photographer –  to allow getting a smile straight to the camera.

Petty bribery

A promise of reward after session (a lollipop, small toy or going for ice-cream) is an effective way to keep positive attitude towards a photo shoot.

Please, don’t be late

Plan ahead access to the session place, car park, walk to the photography studio, eventually change a diaper before shooting. The time when baby feels rested and willing to have fun is very limited and an atmosphere of rush is not conducive to get beautiful, stirring images.

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