January 3, 2020

What is lifestyle photography?

On the occasion of ongoing promotion for lifestyle photography on my website I would like to get you near this kind of photography sessions. Promotion details you can find here:

My specialization in photography is portrait – family, children, newborn and friends. This is what I enjoy doing most. These kind of sessions demand posing, my vision of decoration and final effect, but if you already attended to my session you know that I always also provide some unexpected elements to make your smiles more natural. This fact inspired me to start doing lifestyle sessions last year.

What is lifestyle photography?

You might not have any contact with this kind of photography, it’s not possible to do in traditional or any other studio. Why?… Because lifestyle means capturing your real life. In your real environment, with your natural behaviour. So it must be done at your home. No special equipment is needed, no props, decoration or outfits. Just you in your real life and me with my camera as a silent guest capturing what you do, whilst you smile, relax and play with children.

How we plan my visit at your home? There are a few steps:

1. You call/text me to determine a date and place

2. I send you my special questionnaire asking about your family and other members of household, what you usually do together in your free time.

3. After you response I suggest what activities can we plan for the session’s day – playing or baking together, go for a walk, gardening or just giggling on a sofa… It’s up to your usual day.

4. I come on the date and we go through the prepared plan, but without being rushed. We make brakes if situation needs, we talk and try to stay relaxed…

When we talk about being relaxed… You might be stressed out before my visit or before any photo shoots. First of all, I’m just a human, I know it’s hard to stand in front of camera and I know also that children can not cooperate exactly when we need. Secondly, I’m a photographer, let me make you feel more comfortable during a session.Lifestyle session should show who you really are, how you feel together and capture the best moments of your lives. It doesn’t mean that I have to capture every second or even if your child cries, because something went wrong. We can if you want, but we can also go to the next step of plan or wait, take a break. I’m there for you.

In day-of-life photogtaphy we can take our time. This is the reason why it may be used in many occasions. Capturing a day in family lifetime might be good when your family grows up or celebrate someone’s birthday or preparing for christening. Lifestyle photography with newborn can show your real emotions with having new family member at home. Lifestyle photography with pregnancy can show your mood in this magical, waiting time. Lifestyle photography sessions might be used in many ways for many occasions. Imagine what would you like to capture in your family time. On most of your pictures someone probably is missing… the person taking the picture. 

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