Newborn photography

Welcoming a little baby in the world is one of the most exciting feelings in our lives. 

Newborn sessions require a very special atmosphere and extra care enabling to capture first moments of a tiny human’s life and all unique emotions accompanying all family members. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch and save those miracle memories with beautiful pure images!

What to expect

All newborn sessions are held in the warmth of my cosy home studio based in picturesque Scarborough.

The studio is fully adapted to carry out delicate new babies and equipped with various outfits and accessories. 

Giving the greatest precious in the trained and experienced hands you will feel relaxed and calm, because safety and hygienic aspects are always at first place for me. 

 During around 3h session we will capture a newborn baby of its own, with parents and siblings or other loved ones. This much of time is needed to adjust the pace and session flow to the baby. 

What we do always depends on child’s mood and needs, like feeding, changing diaper, stretching, yawning and sometimes being fussy. Poo and pee accidents are also normal, it’s not embarrassing, just take spare clothes for yourself.

What to Prepare

All required outfits and accessories for a newborn are provided in the studio. 

Collection of dresses for little girls are also available. Other session’s participants need to dress by themselves. 

You are more than welcome to bring any special items (hats/toys/name-letters) that you wish to incorporate to baby’s images. 
High-recommended equipment to bring is: diapers, milk (twice more than usual), dummy, blanket, spare clothes for parents.


The best time to meet a newborn photographer are the first days of a baby’s life. Typically sessions being done between 5th and 21st day of life are best for the baby’s comfort and for the efficient course of the session. 


During first weeks children are calm, sleepy and enjoy being posed like in mommy’s belly. 


After those first 3 weeks we can still take beautiful, cute shots, but the older a child is, the more challenging posing is. It’s  just because babies become more sensitive to touch and like stretching rather than rolling into an adorable newborn ball.


The newborn photo shoots are focused on capturing innocent look of the baby in its sweet curly/wrapped pose.


As soon as you thought about it or after 20 weeks scan. 

Highly recommended to book a session before the birth day. 

Obviously the estimated birth date can change and we can move the session date a bit if needed, but all required accessories and session plan will be already prepared and waiting for your baby to come. 

Don’t resign if you missed the best booking time, contact me to check the studio availability. 

You shouldn’t be also concern if your little one has some skin problem, baby acnes, spots, dry, yellow or red skin. It’s normal for newborns and will be gently corrected in post-production editing.  

Straight after booking you will be asked to fill my session questionnaire and tell about all your requirements and expectations toward the session. There are many options, poses, decoration to be created, but I need to know clearly what do you like.


The baby obviously, the parents and siblings if there are any.

The family photographs are super important. We’re going to create an unforgettable keepsake for you and for the future generations too! 

The siblings and family part of the photo shoot will be taken as first, what takes around 1-1,5 h.  The rest of time is designated to capture the baby on its own and gentle care with little breaks if needed. 

Once the family part is done, it’s a good idea for dad to take siblings for a walk/shopping/to grandparents. Remember, the session can take 3-4 hours. It’s not amount of time a toddler or a few years old child can spend in one place not getting bored! 

Due to several reason, such as limited space, for studio portraits only close relatives family is preferred (parents with their children). 

If you wish grandparents or other loved ones to attend the photo shoot, please discuss it in prior.

IS iT SAFE for the baby?

The baby’s safety and hygiene in the studio is our highest priority! 

Numerous trainings, workshops and learning in the field of physiology and safety of newborn positioning, as well as our unique abilities to calm and care of babies, will make the photo shoot absolutely comfortable for a baby. 

Parents also find this time as a very relaxing experience!

Appropriate ambient temperature, gentle touch, protective posing suitable for baby’s physique, parents closeness, breaks for feeding and cuddles – these all makes the atmosphere of the session friendly and pleasing.

All outfits, props and accessories used during the session are perfectly cleaned and disinfected. 

All surfaces in the studio are regularly cleaned and disinfected. UV lamp provides additional sanitation. 


Around 3-5 weeks after the session date you’ll be invited to the studio for the viewing appointment.

All your beautifully edited images will be presented in a form of slideshow. 

This is the moment when the decision about the product package will be to make. 

There’s no need to make any commitments before or during the session.


A £50 non refundable session fee is required on booking to secure your space.

The price includes:

– preparation of individual session plan tailored to your needs and expectations

– 2-4 hours photo shoot in the full equipped studio

– portraits of the baby, with parents and siblings at no extra cost

– using all available outfits and props (such as little beds, bowls, tiny headbands, wraps, flowers etc.)

– professional, trained newborn photographer

Session fee is not deducted from the product packages. 

Product packages

Product packages DO NOT include a session fee. The package is chosen after the session when the gallery is ready to view. The face to face viewing appointment will be scheduled 3-5 weeks after the session date in the studio to present your beautifully edited images. The gallery always includes a minimum of 20 images.







Additional images and products are available to purchase to any package. Please see the Product list.

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