What to wear for a family photo shoot

“What should I wear for a family session?” is the most frequently asked question when it comes to family photography. It’s not easy to explain in words, so here is the advice list in pictures.


The point in right clothing for children and family photo shoot is to focus the image on people and their story, rather than clothes and other distracting elements. The main message is to avoid high-contrast patterns, logos and bright colours.


What is a high-contrast pattern?

In simply words contrast is a difference between colours. The greater difference is, the higher contrast it makes. For example stripes are not always a bad idea, it depends on intensity.


Dark or light colours?

The answer is: whatever you feel comfortable in. Just choose one option for all family members. If you wear dark dress and your partner wear light shirt, together it might be high-contrast combination.


Pastels rather than vivid colours

If you feel confident in matching saturated colours, you have wide choosing options. Otherwise, pastels are more safe. It’s hard to make a mistake with low-saturated colours.



Light, pastel colours are also best for warm months and occasions like Easter, spring outdoors, First Communion etc. Dark options work better during autumn and winter sessions.


Neutral colours

If you are still not confident in choosing right colours and patterns, the easiest way is to pick neutral option. We call it also “earth tones” and those are: grey, beige, ivory, low-saturated greens, blues and browns. It always gives delicate, soft effect and highlights natural beauty.


Last thing, which I would like to mention, are distracting additives, such as logos, cartoon characters, contrasting jewellery and bright nail polish. Delicate chain and light polished nails usually highlight natural beauty. Large, shining watches, red nails and big, colorful earrings can divert attention from the main subject of the image, which is you.

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