Terms and conditions

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Bookings and cancellations

The session fee secures the booked space and covers the preparation time of the individually planned session. The fee does not include images or prints and is not deducted from the chosen package. 


The session fee must be paid within 48 hours of setting the date of the session to secure the space. As preparation for the session starts immediately after booking, the session fee cannot be refunded. 


The session can be rescheduled with a minimum of 5 days’ notice and due to special circumstances only, such as illness, staying in a hospital, or delayed birth. 



All vouchers for sessions must be used within the specified time. It’s client’s responsibility to contact ArtChilli Photography in advance and secure a convenient slot. 


Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash.


Cancelling a session without a minimum of 5 days notice requires a session fee to secure another slot (if available). 



Mini Sessions from the regular offer  include a £50 session fee. In case of cancellation without a minimum of 5 days notice, the session fee will be required to book another slot.


Please respect our time. The session is automatically cancelled if the Client is more than 30 minutes late for the session. Up to 15 minutes late is acceptable with making the photographer aware of the situation.


Festive sessions (such as Christmas Minis) are booked for specific slot (date and time).

Due to festive character of the session (all scenes mounted specifically for the time of those sessions only), bookings can not be rescheduled or refunded.


ArtChilli Photography will provide professionally edited and retouched photo files and will contact the Client to arrange a viewing appointment within 3-5 weeks from the date of the photo shoot.


The viewing appointment must take place within a maximum of 3 months after the photo session date in the ArtChilli Photography studio.


The viewing appointment can be rescheduled once due to personal circumstances. For further requirements of rescheduling, or if the Client requests an additional viewing appointment, a 25GBP reservation fee will apply. The Client shall make a choice of photographs and products during the viewing meeting.


When booking a session, it is presumed every Client has read and accepted the Price List. 

The Client is obliged to pay the entire remuneration for the chosen package of photographs/products to the Photographer during the viewing appointment. Payment plans are an exemption. The minimum purchase is the Mini Package. Additional photos and products can be added. 


For payment plans, a minimum of 30% must be paid as a deposit on the day of viewing, and the rest of the remuneration within 1-3 months.

Any credit towards wall arts must be used all together with the chosen package (on the viewing appointment or shortly after) to allow processing the entire order at one time.


The product order made with ArtChilli Photography will be ready within 2-4 weeks (depending on the quantity of the order and product selected) from the date of payment of the entire established remuneration. 


The images provided by ArtChilli Photography are fully edited and prepared for professional printing and can be printed in unlimited numbers of copies in any size/format for personal use by the Employer. However, due to the wide variety of printers, results will vary. ArtChilli Photography can accept no responsibility for any poor results obtained from third-party printers.

Outdoor Photo Shoots

For the location more than 10 miles away from YO11 1TP, a commute fee applies (40p/mile). Subject to approval. 


In case of weather conditions preventing the session (Rain, snow, fog), the session can be rescheduled once. In case of another failure, the session will be continued in the studio.

Fulfilment of obligations

ArtChilli Photography guarantees a minimum of 15/20 fully edited images in a gallery from every “full experience” session or the number of images specified in a mini session offer. However, ArtChilli Photography can accept no responsibility if due to the willingness of subjects, it is not possible to capture all the pictures requested or images to the client’s full expectations. 


Only fully edited images as a finished product are presented to the Client during a viewing appointment. By booking a session Client accepts the artistic style of the Photographer. Retouching and editing the images does not include removing defects resulting from the Client’s fault, such as wrinkled clothes, broken nails, nail polish stains, unwanted tattoos, etc. Additional edits are carried out at the discretion of ArtChilli Photography with reserved rights to charge the Client for additional editing to the cover time involved.

Client's obligations

The purchase of the original files releases ArtChilli Photography from any liability due to the loss or damage of the images. It’s the Clients obligation to maintain additional copies of any digital file, image, or photograph to avoid loss. The Client is responsible for all children at all sessions. 


Using cameras and mobile phone cameras is not permitted during any session.

Raw files

Raw files as not finished products are not provided under any circumstances. Raw files are deleted after gallery presentation and non-purchased images after 1 month. All other images will be stored as long as the business exists.

Copyrights and ownership

ArtChilli Photography does not transfer the copyright to the Work – according to the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act 1988. ArtChilli Photography retains ownership of all images taken during the session. All images provided by ArtChilli Photography are protected by copyright, it is illegal to modify final images in any way, shape, or form. The only person liable for this procedure is Kasia Gdula (photographer). 


The only owner of non-purchased images is Kasia Gdula (ArtChilli Photography), which means they MUST NOT be downloaded or screenshot from the website or social media. 


Where it is discovered there has been image theft, the bill issued will be chargeable at £35 per image as a standard rate + administrative costs, as well as legal actions may be taken.


ArtChilli Photography uses copyrights (the photographer’s right to show their Work), which includes marketing materials, portfolio, social media, website, and photography competitions. If the Client is not happy with sharing photographs taken during the photo shoot, the Client is obliged to contact ArtChilli Photography BEFORE BOOKING.

Returns policy

ArtChilli Photography has a no-returns policy. Orders cannot be canceled due to the customized nature of the products. All orders are presumed to have been received in good condition unless the Client notifies ArtChilli Photography in writing of any discrepancies or errors within three days of receiving the products.

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