December 2, 2023

Christmas Gifts for a New Baby

baby christmas gifts

Have you been looking for a prefect, unique gift for a newborn or expecting mother for ages? There’s a lot to search when you want something truly perfect and meaningful. We definitely want baby’s first Christmas to be memorable!

Special Christmas Gifts for Newborns

So here’s the list of first Christmas gifts that are meant to be very special and long-lasting (no baby rattles and bibs):

1. Personalized Children’s Book

A custom storybook with your newborn as the star is a touching gift! These are wonderful stories, bringing everyone to tears. Choose from sweet Christmas tales or timeless stories that will be treasured for years. Watching your baby become the main character brings the story to life.

2. Wooden Personalized Toy

You can’t go wrong with a handcrafted wooden toy engraved with their name as a first Christmas present! Favorites include stacking toys, pull toys, musical carousels, or rainbows. These timeless pieces look adorable on a nursery shelf as your baby grows.

3. Soft Personalized Toy

Children always end up having lots of teddy bears, bunnies, tigers, lions, or even crocodiles, but you can be sure the first one they get, especially with their name will always be a cherished friend!
Opt for classic colors and ribbons that coordinate with the nursery.

4. Christmas Stocking

Baby deserves their own Christmas stocking for Santa to fill! Choose a classic red and white design embroidered with their name. Add matching tiny ornaments as extra surprises.

5. Baby Photo Frame (especially with space for a handprint)

Is there anything more sentimental than a newborn’s tiny hands and feet? Display it in an engraved frame that they can cherish as they grow older.

6. Personalized Baby Ornament

Capture your newborn’s first Christmas with a unique ornament, like a framed photo, ceramic handprint, fabric block with their name and birthdate, or an engraved glass ball. These become heirlooms to collect and hang every year.

Christmas photo shoot Scarborough North Yorkshire

7. Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

If you can stretch your budget a bit more, taking professional photos of the baby will definitely be something treasured forever! Memories are getting blurry so easily and so quick. It’s worth to invest in keeping them forever through a newborn photo shoot. A good photographer will make it a great experience for the baby, siblings and parents too!

8. Handprint and Footprint Keepsake Kit

With an at-home plaster or ink kit, parents can easily create special art showcasing baby’s tiny hand and footprints. Frame it with their name and date of birth to always remember exactly how small they once were!

9. Personalized Wood Growth Chart

A sweet wooden growth chart personalized with the baby’s name makes perfect nursery art they’ll cherish as they grow. Commemorate milestones by marking their height year after year. Choose a design that complements the nursery and can be easily hung on the wall.

10. Handmade Baby Quilts

A lovingly homemade quilt makes a thoughtful keepsake, whether designed especially for the baby with their name or birth details or by choosing meaningful fabric patterns. These often become cherished security blankets.

newborn Christmas photos

Celebrating an Extra Special First Christmas

I hope this guide gave you lots of inspiration on how to make baby’s first Christmas very special and memorable. If you’re looking for a perfect Christmas present for expecting parents, I can assure all of the above ideas would be very much appreciated.

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